Compostable Dog Poop Bags (6 Packs)

Compostable Dog Poop Bags (6 Packs)

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Compostable Dog Poop Bags by Dogs Go Greener

This bundle contains 6 boxes of dog poop bags, each box consists of: 
  • 60 Bags
  • 4 Rolls
  • 20 microns thick
  • Large Size (22 x 32cm)
  • No Toxins or Microplastics

Helping Reduce Your Carbon Paw Print

Our high quality dog poop bags are made from:

  • Corn Starch - Non-GMO Corn
  • PLA - From Corn and Other Plants
  • PBAT - Biodegradable Polymers*

*Compostable bags cannot be manufactured without a small amount of petroleum-derived polymers. However, unlike conventional plastics, PBAT is 100% biodegradable, leaving behind no toxins or microplastics. 

Composting Your Bags

If you are planning on home-composting your used bags and dog waste - we advise using the end product for your ornamental plants only. 

Avoid composting with your kitchen scraps and avoid using the resulting compost to grow edible fruit and veggies. 

Home composting often doesn't reach the temperature levels required to eliminate potential germs. 

Disposing of Bags

If you do not plan on composting the bags - that's absolutely fine! Rest assured that the bags will completely break down in landfill within 3 years, depending on the environment. 


Danger of suffocation. 

Keep out of reach of children, babies and pets.


Store in a cool dry place to avoid premature degradation of bags. Use within 12 months of purchase.

1,110 grams

Made in China, shipped to the UK via sea-freight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
joe jones
Amazing quality!!!

These bags have a great feel to them. They are strong and don't tear easily. The material is not like any other poo bag that I've used and so easy to get open. Lastly the fact these will biodegrade completely and leave no toxins in the ground really makes a great product. Thank you

Steven Burke
Great value and robust bags

Great value robust bags! Environmentally friendly as well !