FAQs - Dogs Go Greener

Do you do handled bags? 

No, the current bags for sale are a standard bag shape with dimensions of 22 x 32cm. We are looking into a handled version for the future though. 


Do you make scented bags?

No, are bags are unscented so that they are produced using fewer chemicals. We do not make them in a range of colours for the same reason. 


How many are on a roll? 

Each box is made up of 4 rolls, with 15 bags on each roll. 


Is your packaging recyclable? 

Yes, every part of the packaging is able to be recycled. The outer box and core of the bags are both made of cardboard.


What are the bags made of? 

They are predominantly made of non-GMO cornstarch, with PLA which is derived from corn and other plants and PBAT; a biodegradable polymer.


How do you dispose of the used bags? 

Go Greener Bags are able to be home composted, but we do advise that this compost to not be used on edible fruit and veg plants, shrubs and trees. It can instead we used on ornamental plants. 


Can they go in normal household waste collection bins? 

Yes of course, and they will be able to break down if it ends up in landfill. This may not be the optimal conditions for degradation though, but it will come down to a matter of months of breaking down and not thousands of years like plastic! 


Will the bags leave behind micro-plastics? 

Absolutely not. The by-products of a decomposing compostable bioplastic will be water, carbon dioxide and a small amount of biomass that will eventually break down completely. 


How thick are your bags? 

They measure 20 microns thick. Other comparable eco brands measure between 15-17 microns so we are some of the thicker and so stronger compostable bags on the market. 


Where are your bags made? 

Our Go Greener bags are made in Asia. Unfortunately at this time there is just not a viable option to manufacture compostable bags closer to the U.K. 

The factories we use meet the following certifications:

  • OHSAS 18001 - International Health & Safety Regulation 
  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Accreditation 
  • ISO 9001 - Quality Management Accreditation

These ensure that the bags meet the highest of ethical handling and minimise their impact on the environment. We then ship our bags over to the U.K. instead of clocking up air miles in order to lower our carbon emissions. 


Is there a shelf life to your bags? 

We advise that you aim to use your bags up within a year of purchase. 


Where should I store them? 

Bags that are not in use should be stored somewhere out of direct sunlight as this can weaken the strength of the material. Out of extreme temperates and sources of damp.