About Us

Welcome to Dogs Go Greener

We are a fledgling family company with Earth friendly beliefs at the heart of what we do. We have produced a fully biodegradable dog poop bag that is kinder to both our landfills and our oceans!

Made from Non GMO corn starch and other plant based biodegradable polymers, our bags will tread a little lighter on our Earth.

Our Bags Contain NO Toxins or Microplastics 

Being a plant based product, our dog poop bags are able to biodegrade completely when disposed of responsibly.

There’s no hidden nasties in our products! If you plan to home compost your used bags and waste then we do advise that you use the end product compost on your ornamental plants ONLY and not on your fruit and veggie plots!

Home composting often doesn’t reach the higher temperatures needed to eliminate potential germs, so please dispose or compost responsibly.

Our Packaging is Fully Recyclable!

Every part of our packaging, from the box that holds the products, the inner tube of the individual rolls, to the kraft paper we ship to you is fully recyclable.

We want you and your pooch to walk with us as lightly as you can on the Earth as we try to reduce our carbon paw print together.

Meet the (squishiest) face of the company

Some of you may already be familiar with our CEO, partner in crime, office pup and snuggle monster Misty but here is the goodest of good girls behind the brand!

Misty is our Old Tyme Bulldog, definitely the bounciest member of our family team and the reason behind what we do and what we strive for. After purchasing other big branded poop bags and learning just how deceptive some of the “degradable bags” really were we decided to try and change the world one poop at a time!

As a company we want to be fully transparent with our customers. We don’t want hidden nasties in our products, or in what we promise to you. Our bags and packaging contain absolutely NO microplastics, toxins or harmful chemicals so your daily walkies with your best friend really can tread a little lighter on our Earth.